Valentina Malacart
Valentina Malacart
Wedding Planner

Elegance, competence and passion distinguish me in my work life. My passion for what I do is absolute and I believe that sometimes not being able to sleep is due to the fact that I am living a dream. My work is a dream because, together, realizing your wishes for what will be one of the most beautiful days of your life is something that fills me with joy. Why should a couple trust a wedding planner? Because an experienced and prepared wedding planner will be able to get you the best prices. Trusting me means an investment in competence and knowledge. 

Think of the advice that a couple who have already taken this big step could give you. Mentioning  a fundamental detail that they missed, or something that was undervalued. Now, multiply that by a thousand. My advice is equivalent, in fact, to thousands of friends who have had this experience. For you therefore, there is the certainty that you have at your disposal a network of contacts and knowledge such that you can fulfil requests and desires easily and quickly. If you want us to meet we can chat about information such as date, place, number of guests and details that you have already thought about. However,  for me this meeting will be fundamental to me deepening my knowledge of you. I will ask you about your hobbies, your professions, your travels, your favourite foods, music, your favourite stylists. In short, I need to know all of these elements to allow me to identify your style. When I understand your ‘colours’, I will be able to help you paint your work of art, a wedding which will be unique because you will be reflected in every detail. What will I do for you? I will interpret your tastes and will advise the best way to create an event which reflects in every respect, your style and your personality. The event will be perfect without unexpected surprises or hitches and you will fully enjoy your day.

The wedding day is a mix of emotions, images, smells and sensations that, in future, will take you back to this day. On your wedding day, your dreams, desires and projects come together and there should be no stress or fatigue. 

There will not be any secrets between us: at the beginning, in our chat, we will also discuss the budget. It will not change after we agree it. Trust that with inventiveness, creativity, experience and knowledge, it’s possible to work miracles. We will definitely find the right balance between your needs and your budget. I will be with you for this. You will see, it will be a success! On the day I’ll be your guardian angel, discrete and apart, but with special powers to make your dreams more beautiful.

Valentina Malacartì

Event and Wedding Designer.  


Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 15 - Pordenone
Tel. +39 0434 241120